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In Home Dog & Puppy Training with a Dog Psychology Approach

“We have employed several dog trainers and wish we had found Pack In Harmony first!” - Shannon G. NYC

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  • Have your dog to walk by your side without pulling and barking at other dogs.

  • Welcome guests into your home while your dog stays in place.

  • Have a more confident and happy dog.

  • Enjoy off leash time with your dog.

  • Puppy Training Program gives you a solid foundation and tools to last your pup’s lifetime.

“She’s a completely different dog now. We had problems with her biting, nipping and walking. She’s a lot calmer now and she listens. It’s been an amazing experience. - A.J. Denver, CO

  • Cesar Millan Training Cesar’s Way Graduate

  •  Member of International Association of Canine Professionals

  • Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas

“Jessica is amazing! I was skeptical about training, but I’ve seen life changing improvements from the first session! She breaks down dog psychology to help you understand how to have a healthier relationship that you’ll both enjoy more. I can now respectfully take my dog inside of places and even walk her with another dog at the same time.” - Ricardo, NYC


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