Pack In Harmony

- Cesar Millan Training Cesar’s Way Graduate

- Member of International Association of Canine Professionals

- Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Jessica is the owner of Pack In Harmony. She began working with dogs in 2008 as a dog walker in Brooklyn, NY. Jessica and husband Josh started J&V Rescue in CO which placed over 200 dogs in loving homes.

Being around so many dogs with different behavior needs helped Jessica to build a strong foundation for training as well as gave insight into the issues people go through with their dogs and how to help them through the challenges.

- Thumbtack Top Pro

- K9 CPR Certified

- Shadowed Eric of Dog Training with Eric, Denver CO, Mike Mei, head training of ABC’s Dog Training in NYC and Susan Hill, Dog Behaviorist in Connecticut

“Sometimes a challenging dog can change your life and subsequently the lives of people and dogs around you. A few of my favorite trainers have similar stories to my own. They had a dog that they needed a lot help with. They tried a few different trainers, got kicked out of puppy classes and were unable to change themselves or their dogs with the methods taught to them. So, they dug in more, determined to learn what was causing the struggles. Like them, I began to find methods that worked for me, made sense and most importantly improved my life and my dog’s life together.

This work lead to learning more and more about dog training and I could see how much this information could help others who are also struggling. A challenging dog can be a bridge to deeper understanding of ourselves and how to live in balance as best we can moment to moment with our dog.” - Jessica 2019

Quito, Josh and Jericho

Quito, Josh and Jericho

Josh assists with some clients when needed. Quito is brought to sessions to work with dogs that need help socializing. Jericho has done walk and train session work in years past but is in retirement now. They are the team behind Jessica helping with different aspects of Pack In Harmony.